Over a Decade of Clare Artists

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The benefits of art therapy are countless. Creativity, in whatever form it takes, does not stop at a particular age but continues for a lifetime. Residents at The Clare prove this to be true, and they also demonstrate that it is never too late to begin or revive creativity, no matter how it is expressed.

“Artists do not retire from doing artwork, just as writers do not retire from writing, nor musicians from playing their instruments,” says Clare resident Catherine Keebler. “As they age, they find new ways to work and express themselves.”

For more than a decade, Clare residents have graced the community with their creative talents. They have reaped the benefits of art therapy for seniors. Here, residents who have moved to The Clare over the years share their favorite artworks and what their craft means to them, specifically in retirement.

Beverly Rodgers, Photography

Moved to The Clare in 2015

Benefits of Art Therapy: Over a Decade of Clare Artists

“Like painting, photographic art depends on light and composition. To me, this favorite picture of a lotus blossom taken early one morning is artful. It is why I became interested in photography many years ago and why I still seek the light and composition.”

Jim Stack, Terra Cotta

Moved to The Clare in 2008

Benefits of Art Therapy: Over a Decade of Clare Artists

“Retirement gave me the opportunity to explore a side of me that I never understood. I could learn to turn ‘napkin doodles’ into actual portraits. Later, I explored sculpting in terra cotta. A side benefit has been the opportunity to make new friends with fellow artists.”

Ed Wentz, Watercolor

Moved to The Clare in 2016

Benefits of Art Therapy: Over a Decade of Clare Artists

“My style is the way I talk in paint. Starting a new watercolor is like starting a new adventure. From there on, the painting takes on a life of its own. Painting is my daily inspiration.”

Beth Mitchell, Greeting Cards

Moved to The Clare in 2018

homemade card with hearts

“Working with color, pattern and texture gives me joy in expression. Beyond that, I like working out a mechanism that includes a particular fold. If the recipient gets pleasure from it, my satisfaction is doubled.

Catherine Keebler, Pastel

Moved to The Clare in 2008

painting of swan

“Art is not a hobby to me, but a profession. I was a nurse, a cytotechnologist, a registrar, and now an artist.”

Wendy Geyer-Nixon

Moved to The Clare in 2014

Benefits of Art Therapy: Over a Decade of Clare Artists

“Retirement, among other things, is an important time of meditation and reflection, and for me, art is the perfect avenue for that purpose. Each piece that I create reminds me in some way of my life purpose and teaches me new facets of joy and acceptance.”

Bea Lehman, Pottery

Moved to The Clare in 2009

pottery on a table

“I did pottery as a hobby. Throwing an object on the wheel is fun, not to mention relaxing. I never had time to do it before I retired.”

Linda Alexander, Art Historian

Moved to The Clare in 2010

painting of lady

Female Figure by Diego Velazquez

“Any engagement with art us an intimate one to exchange. Against life’s raw deal, art remains our handmade firewall. I’m but a receiver, not a creator.”