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Tips for Planning for a Fulfilling Retirement

Most of us have an idea of when we’d like to retire, but it may not be a realistic goal if we are not prepared both financially and emotionally. Whether retirement is right around the corner or down the road a bit, it’s important to understand and implement some best practices for achieving a happy, … Continue reading “Tips for Planning for a Fulfilling Retirement”

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The Clare – A Culinary Revolution for Retirement Living

seniors dining in chicago at the clare

Bland entrees? Mass-produced sides? Add those items to the list of menu choices you’ll never find at true luxury retirement communities like The Clare. Focused on bringing unique culinary delights to residents at The Clare, Chef Hagop Hagopian plans out a custom menu each week, which features locally sourced meals every night. Notable highlights from … Continue reading “The Clare – A Culinary Revolution for Retirement Living”

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A Rightsizer’s Guide: Transitioning to High-Rise Senior Living in Chicago

There’s nothing like the excitement of moving into a new home. It’s a chance to savor new views, make new friends, and redesign your living space. For those shifting away from the burden of maintaining a large home and toward the excitement of high-rise senior living in Chicago, it’s almost impossible to wait. But, as … Continue reading “A Rightsizer’s Guide: Transitioning to High-Rise Senior Living in Chicago”

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The Advantages of Living in a Big City

Considering relocating to the big city? While the countryside offers a quiet, scenic backdrop, it lacks many of the advantages that make city living enjoyable. For instance, What if you have a craving for Mediterranean or Ethiopian food? Finding a wide variety of restaurant choices is all but impossible in a small rural area, but big cities offer countless options when it comes to international cuisine.

We compiled a list of the top reasons to consider a move to the big city, using our beloved Chicago as an example of what makes city living exciting and fun. Whether you’ve decided to relocate to Chicago or simply plan to visit on vacation, be sure to check out some of the destinations and resources provided below.

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