Realty & Relocation Services

Most people prefer to sell their home or condominium before moving to The Clare. But with all that process entails, the very thought can be overwhelming. Please let us help simplify it for you. The Clare provides the complimentary professional services of Moving Station® and their highly regarded Moving Made Easy® program that assists you every step of the way. Your Personal Relocation Manager will look out for your best interests and offer valuable guidance throughout the entire selling and moving process. With a track record of helping thousands of people sell their homes—in both strong and soft real estate markets—Moving Made Easy® has the experience and expertise you’re looking for to get your home sold, your move coordinated and your move-in organized. The goal?  For you to experience a smooth transition to The Clare, and immediate enjoyment of the new lifestyle it offers.

You’ll have a choice of the services you need:

  • Home Sales Assistance. Selecting and managing a professional real estate agent to sell your home for the maximum price in a time frame that works for you.
  • Van Line Assistance. Coordinating your move through a respected van line with service upgrades.
  • Professional Organizer Assistance. Arranging for a professional organizer if you need extra help with downsizing or settling in.

Moving Made Easy® is your advocate. Their independence from any service providers ensures that the advice and guidance you get is in your best interests. Using a rigorous selection process that includes interviews, reference checks and past performance, they will recommend only those organizations that stand out for delivering exceptional service.

Be sure to ask for more detailed information about Moving Made Easy® when you visit The Clare.