The Downsizing Dilemma: How to Simplify Your Move

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Moving into a new residence and downsizing for retirement offer critical advantages. You’ll spend less time on upkeep, for one. At a senior living community like The Clare, you’ll encounter a worry-free lifestyle and a wider range of activities and entertainment.

Despite these clear benefits, downsizing your home for retirement can be stressful for older adults—not to mention physically exhausting. It can seem that the tasks associated with a move will be too overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are solutions to simplify your move. Over time, our team at The Clare has helped ease the move-in process for numerous residents. Here are a few critical tips.

Don’t Do It Alone

The Clare provides you access to our full-time design and move-in coordinator. She works on site to help coordinate all aspects of your move, acting as a resource for moving companies and packing and unpacking services. She also helps with the space planning of your new apartment at The Clare, and works with you to find your ideal finishes to make it truly your own.

This is a complimentary service for our residents, and she is even available to visit your home before you make the move for an initial moving evaluation. Family, friends and neighbors can provide invaluable help, as well.

Start Early

Once you’ve put your deposit down, don’t put off organizing for your move to the last minute. You likely have years’ worth of possessions and furniture, and starting the inventory process well in advance will help to eliminate the feeling of being rushed to prioritize items and pack them.

Focus on “Rightsizing”

It’s important to determine which of your possessions will actually fit in your apartment at The Clare. One of the most common complications in downsizing for retirement is bringing too much.

Of course, you’ll have our design and move-in coordinator at your disposal to help. You can also calculate the percentage difference in square footage from your old and new residences. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can bring along.

Organize with Purpose

Make lists of items you want to keep, donate and sell. Then, label the ones you want to bring with you by room so that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

When all is said and done, downsizing for retirement doesn’t need to be a dilemma. In fact, it’s a necessary step closer to an unencumbered home and a positive new life.