First Impressions at The Clare: A Day in the Life of the Front Desk

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First impressions at The Clare are important, and the Front Desk is responsible for ensuring residents, guests, employees, and others feel welcome and taken care of as soon as they enter the Lobby.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Front Desk Supervisor Shanette Wells, Receptionist Tiffany Thomas, and Doorperson Bob Jackson command the Front Desk. This trio shares an inside look at what their daily activities at the Front Desk are, the importance of first impressions and what led them to work at The Clare.

Importance of First Impressions at The Clare

Anyone who enters The Clare will encounter Shanette, Tiffany, Bob, or another member of the Front Desk team greeting them with a bright smile, whether it is a first-time visitor or a resident returning home. The goal is to create a welcoming environment and assist everyone entering and exiting the building with whatever they need.

Bob Jackson

“We set the tone of the building,” Shanette says. “And we are the ones who make first impressions at The Clare for residents and potential residents. That very moment helps them to decide whether they can see themselves living here or not.”

First impressions are undoubtedly crucial, but so is the role of the Front Desk helping residents and guests in various capacities.

“The most important thing is meeting the needs of every person,” Tiffany says. “We want to be able to help however we can.”

Throughout the day, the Front Desk team is in charge of:

– Overseeing the elevators

– Checking in guests for The Terraces

– Calling Independent Living residents to let them know when their guests arrive

– Letting vendors in and out of the building for deliveries

– Submitting maintenance and IT work orders for residents

– Communicating with Security frequently

– Scheduling LYFT rides for residents

– Providing guidance on various resident requests and questions

In many ways, the Front Desk is responsible for keeping The Clare running smoothly.

Shanette Wells

“If the Front Desk doesn’t operate, the building doesn’t operate,” Shanette says.

Certain hours of the day can be more chaotic than others. However, no matter what challenge they face, the Front Desk team effectively communicates with one another to ensure safety and efficiency in solving problems. During emergencies or hectic situations, Shanette establishes a calm and effective environment for her and her co-workers.

“Anything that happens, you just roll with it and calmly fix it,” she says. “Luckily, I have Tiffany, Bob and the others by my side, and we work together to handle any problem at hand.”

Path to Working at The Clare

Shanette, Tiffany, and Bob each have unique trajectories that led them to the Front Desk, where they create first impressions at The Clare. Yet the one thing they have in common is their commitment to the community.

Bob, for example, has worked at The Clare since the day the building opened in 2008. As a doorperson for more than 11 years now, he has become known as the face of The Clare, his demeanor exemplifying Clare hospitality.

“It is my job as the doorperson to distract the residents from their fears,” Bob says. “This is their home. So much operates and happens here, and they want to be acknowledged, so I acknowledge them. They want to feel valued, so I make sure that they are feeling valued when they come in.”

Shanette Wells

Meanwhile, Shanette has been working at The Clare for almost nine years. Before starting at The Clare, she was coaching sports at a middle school. She then began working here in a security capacity, later became a driver for residents, and shortly after landed at the Front Desk. Most recently, she was promoted to the Front Desk Supervisor.

“All of my past jobs are so different,” Shanette says. “But I love working here at the Front Desk because I am able to create bonds with residents, and I love working with my team.”

Tiffany also started at The Clare nine years ago, originally as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in The Terraces. Two years ago, she transferred to the Front Desk, becoming one of the pleasant faces to greet newcomers and residents alike. And while the two roles are quite different, they also hold a number of similarities.

“In The Terraces, I was able to build relationships with the residents on a personal level,” Tiffany says. “Now at the Front Desk, I’m still helping residents and guests every day. I’m still able to be around people, which is something I’ve always enjoyed.”

Although each team member took a different route to The Clare, today they share the enjoyment of witnessing the sense of community formed between residents, staff and guests. Tiffany, Shanette and Bob explain that the residents always make an effort to get to know everyone at The Clare.

Bob Jackson

“We love seeing all the residents create a community with one another,” Shanette says. “They help each other out whenever something good or bad happens, and they love getting to know new residents or just building personal relationships with Clare staff.”