Terraces Testimonials

Barbara Feldman
Daughter of The Terraces resident

“They are totally dedicated to their residents.”

“He’s active, social, loves fine dining and he’s used to five-star hotels,” she says of her 83-year-old father. So when it came time to find a place for him to live and receive the specialized healthcare required to address his rare condition, there was only one choice.



Karen Ambrose
The Terraces client

“I was so impressed. It was wonderful.”

Karen Ambrose fell in her home recently, breaking her hip and fracturing her femur. Three weeks after arriving at The Terraces for rehabilitation, she was back on her feet, delighted with her care and ready to resume her life. “I’m up and walking around,” she says, “and I thank The Terraces for that.”



Mike Davis
Executive Director of Golden Heart Senior Care

“I always come away feeling really good about my clients being there.”

Mike Davis knows more than a few things about caring for seniors. As the executive director of Golden Heart Senior Care in Chicago, he oversees his company’s efforts “to empower our clients and help them continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home.”



Phil Chinn
The Terraces resident

“I will always be grateful that we found The Terraces.”

When Phil Chinn arrived at The Terraces, he had been bedridden for two months. He was in a wheelchair and receiving full-time oxygen. Today he breathes without aid and walks wherever he goes with only slight assistance from a cane. But when asked to discuss his experience at The Terraces, he began by saying, “The first noticeable di erence was the food. It was way, way, way better than what I’d been receiving before I got there.”