Barbara Feldman

Barbara Feldman
Daughter of The Terraces resident

Barbara Feldman’s father, Edgar Staren, knows about life’s finer things.

“He’s active, social, loves fine dining and he’s used to five-star hotels,” she says of her 83-year-old father. So when it came time to find a place for him to live and receive the specialized healthcare required to address his rare condition, there was only one choice.

The Clare. And more specifically, The Terraces.

“It is the most hidden gem in the city,” she says, “It’s a medical facility disguised as a luxury apartment building.”

Whether on the Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living floor, her father has received “absolutely excellent care,” Barbara says. “They have to do their job. They don’t have to care. But they do. They are totally dedicated to their residents.”

Barbara is now on a first-name basis with all the nurses and assistants at The Terraces, who don’t hesitate to tell her of any changes in Edgar’s condition. “They call me constantly to keep me informed.”

As for the facility itself, she says, “It’s very tranquil. Neat, clean and up-to-date. It has a hotel-like quality.” She was pleased her father was free to decorate his Assisted Living apartment, making it feel as much like home as possible for someone who requires extensive medical care.

“Terraces is the most hidden gem in the City. It’s a medical facility disguised as a luxury apartment building”

Like everyone who knows The Clare, she raved about the quality of the food. “I’m very impressed with the food for my dad.” And as part of the above-and-beyond ethic that elevates The Clare and The Terraces, the chef commonly prepares special dinners for her father, which makes her—and him—quite happy.

Despite the severity of her father’s physical condition, he’s still mentally-active, charming, funny and interested in the world around him. So Barbara is grateful for the robust list of activities at The Clare, many of which her father enjoys.

Reflecting on the decision to move him into The Terraces, she says, “You are doing your parent a great favor by giving them independence. And giving yourself peace of mind by knowing they will be well taken care of.”