Mike Davis

Mike Davis
Executive Director of Golden Heart Senior Care

Mike Davis knows more than a few things about caring for seniors. As the executive director of Golden Heart Senior Care in Chicago, he oversees his company’s efforts “to empower our clients and help them continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home.”

Many of his clients reside at The Clare and have taken advantage of the care provided at The Terraces. So when Mike says of The Terraces at The Clare, “I always come away feeling really good about my clients being there,” you can be confident that his endorsement carries real weight.

From the front lobby personnel to the healthcare staff , Mike says, “The team at The Terraces really understands the needs of the people who are being cared for there.” He added that the welcoming and considerate care even extends throughout the entire building.

“The Terraces’ staff use a nice balance of humor, professionalism and compassion.”

What makes the treatment at The Terraces so special, he says, is “they use a nice balance of humor, professionalism and compassion. There’s a
tremendous amount of respect for the residents.”

Beyond that, he noted the pleasant atmosphere, which is heightened by the exceptional cleanliness of the building and the watchful eye the staff keeps on the residents. “The building is modern and elegant and The Terraces is very well-appointed. The intimate setting and active programming sets the stage for engaged and happy residents,” he says.