Phil Chinn

Phil Chinn
The Terraces resident

When Phil Chinn arrived at The Terraces, he had been bedridden for two months. He was in a wheelchair and receiving full-time oxygen. Today he breathes without aid and walks wherever he goes with only slight assistance from a cane.

But when asked to discuss his experience at The Terraces, he began by saying, “The first noticeable difference was the food. It was way, way, way better than what I’d been receiving before I got here.”

Now, before you think he wasn’t impressed with the care he received, here are the words he used to describe the doctors, nurses and therapists: “Excellent,” “Terrific,” “Wonderful,” “Superb,” and “Real pros.”

But, the simple truth is, he couldn’t get over the food. “The food is great and I couldn’t stop myself from eating it.”

“The people I worked with are real pros. They really know what they’re doing.”

When he wasn’t eating, Phil was receiving both occupational and physical therapy, often three times a day. “They worked me hard. But it was them pushing me that made the difference,” adding, “Such nice people. I should have hated them with all the punishment they put me through. But I really liked them.”

Phil was especially impressed with Dr. Lee Lindquist, who serves as The Terraces medical director. She has since become his primary physician. “And the nurses,” he added, “were always, always very helpful.”

One of the biggest ways they helped was to arrange for Phil, who stands at 6’4”, to get a bed that actually fit his frame. “They know you and they care about you,” he said.

Phil’s wife, Linda, looked into a lot of rehabilitation facilities before selecting The Terraces. “This one is more homey,” she said, “The staff is wonderful. Personal and professional.”

Phil was also impressed with the activities and amenities at The Terraces, remarking about the movies, discussion groups, performances, library, even the Thursday night happy hours. Overall, he said, “I will always be grateful that we found The Terraces.”