How to Make Your Marriage Thrive During Retirement

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Wondering how to make your marriage thrive during retirement?

After lives filled with adventure, children, careers and more, many couples arrive at retirement thinking, “Now what?” The early years of retirement may involve travel, relaxation or new hobbies. But as couples get older, keeping a marriage strong may become more difficult, especially as health issues arise.

A solution? Senior living.

Consider the ways in which senior living stands to improve a marriage, from the power of choice to relief from caregiving.

Power of Choice

One way senior living translates into a stronger marriage is through the opportunity to choose a community, rather than be forced into one. Challenges with health may result in less independence, which in turn can mean great strain on a relationship. Taking the reins and looking into senior living before it is absolutely necessary offers some peace of mind for couples.

Enjoy the Little Things

With the peace of mind that senior living provides comes the chance for couples to enjoy the amenities a community has to offer. Instead of bickering over cooking or which restaurant to go to, somewhere like The Clare has multiple dining venues from which to choose, as well as various options nearby in the Gold Coast. Rather than ponder how to fill a day, take advantage of the events offered at the community and socialize with other residents.

Relief from Caregiving

Even in a healthy marriage, waiting until it’s too late to move to senior living can create problems. Caregiving for a spouse may shift marital roles or cause tremendous stress. In a community, partners will find that staff is there to help with activities of daily living in assisted living settings, and spouses aren’t responsible for all caretaking tasks. Plus, life plan communities such as The Clare offer different care settings, which are guaranteed to independent living residents as their health care needs change.

No More Maintenance

Many couples also report that moving to senior living eliminates maintenance and housework demands. This leaves more time to spend with each other and relieves any stress that may build up with such activities. That’s because senior living communities typically have maintenance staff and housekeepers to handle everything in the unit.

Given these benefits, senior living is key when it comes to how to make your marriage thrive during retirement. Find out for yourself when you make the move!