Dorothy Pirovano

Dorothy Pirovano
The Clare resident

Dorothy and Larry Pirovano had no interest in sitting around and waiting. So even before Dorothy retired as CEO of Public Communications Inc. they decided to sell their 5-story Lincoln Park townhouse (with all those stairs!) in 2013 and move into The Clare.

They wanted the convenience and comforts of a Continuing Care Retirement Community plus the excitement and convenience of living in the city. But most of all, they wanted to make the decision about their retirement while they were still enjoying an active life.

So naturally, they found their way to The Clare.

“It wasn’t a hard decision when we matched The Clare to the competitors,” Dorothy recalls. “We love the city life and The Clare is convenient to everything out there.”

They also love life inside The Clare, from their active and accomplished neighbors to the food, the activities and the staff.

“We’ve found rewarding and enriching things to do — plus things that are just fun,” Dorothy said. “And the unexpected benefit is the very good friends we’ve made in a very short period of time.”

“We love the city life. And The Clare is convenient to everything out there.”

Dorothy says she’s impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the other residents at The Clare, many of whom still operate their own businesses, volunteer at hospitals and art institutions, and are always eager to try new things.

“I think there’s a misconception that you need to be old to live in this kind of community. Actually, I’m 69 and think I’m exactly the right age,” she said.

Echoing a common sentiment, Dorothy and Larry also raved about the food at The Clare, saying, “The food is exceptionally good. The Clare cooks better than I do,” she said.

Overall, according to Dorothy and Larry, life at The Clare is too rich and interesting to put off until later in life. “Why would you want to move here when you can’t do all the things offered here and that are right outside your door in this wonderful city?” Dorothy asks.