Linda Chinn

Linda Chinn
The Clare resident

Linda Chinn was raised in a town of just 3,000, but once she moved to the city she knew she belonged there. Asked why she and her husband chose The Clare, Linda replied, “We’re city people; no suburbs for us. We had friends at The Clare and another community. We visited both but one was too far away from the center of things. We were living in a downtown condo at the time and I thought, ‘I can’t ride for 40 minutes to get to my favorite shops.’ You can’t beat The Clare’s location.”


Despite her love of big city life, Linda was pleased that her small-town sense of community was restored at The Clare. She calls it ‘The people advantage.’ “The people advantage at The Clare is huge. So many people support one another. We’re always here for each other.”

Linda and her husband found the marketing staff and resident Hospitality Committee quickly brought them into life at The Clare by acquainting them with other residents with similar interests. “You don’t have to seek out ways to interact at The Clare. There are a variety of activities and people are happy to have new residents join them for dinner. I’m not saying people come knocking on your door whenever they feel like it. You can have as much or as little interaction with people as you want. Everyone here respects everyone else’s privacy.”

“So many people support one another. We’re always here for each other.”

When asked what thoughts they would share with those who feel they’re not yet ready for a LifeCare community, Linda and her husband said, “Don’t wait for a crisis. We know we did. Be proactive.”

Linda believes that living independently while knowing that rehab, assisted living, and nursing services are o ered in the same building o ers many advantages. “I took the bus every day for four months to visit my husband in the hospital and at The Terraces at The Clare. Then, one day, I decided it’s better to take the elevator than the bus. We moved here less than a year ago and have never looked back. Life is good at The Clare.”