Nancy Spilove

Nancy Spilove
The Clare resident

The first words Nancy Spilove heard about The Clare fell on deaf ears. She was living in South Florida with her husband, who was in failing health, and there was no interest in moving.

But a year changes a lot of things. And soon after her husband passed away Nancy realized that living alone in the suburbs wasn’t stimulating enough.

Flash forward to today. Nancy is gleefully living in The Clare. “My life has completely changed,” she says. She’s incredibly busy, her social circle is huge, her days are filled with activity and inspiration, and she’s now just 10 minutes from her beloved daughter, Lee.

It was at Lee’s urging that Nancy visited The Clare shortly after her husband’s death. Nancy had dinner, met with residents and staff, and two days later she committed to moving in.

Now, she says, “I can’t wait to get up in the morning…to have breakfast with people I now call my friends.”

“They’ve thought of everything to make my life comfortable.”

An accomplished artist and chef, Nancy says she “hasn’t cooked a meal since I moved in. I don’t even make coffee anymore.” Instead she does what many of the residents seem to do — she savors the amazing food being prepared every day at The Clare.

She also loves the “hustle and bustle” of Chicago. “I like the big city life. There’s a lot of energy and excitement. It’s 180 degrees from my previous life.”

Nancy also loves the people at The Clare, who she describes as well-educated, active, loving, friendly and open. “Everybody here is a one person welcoming committee,” she says. In fact she lists the friendliness of the residents and the staff as the things she most likes about The Clare.

She also says the quality of life is extraordinary. “They’ve thought of everything to make my life comfortable,” noting that the never-too-hot hot water setting is one of the many, many small touches that make living here so easy and pleasant.