Top New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

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It’s officially 2018, and with the New Year come the best intentions for a better, healthier lifestyle in the months ahead. If you haven’t yet thought about your goals, reflect on these top New Year’s resolutions for seniors, as recommended by the American Geriatrics Society’s Health in Aging Foundation.

– Balance your diet: Vow to make smart choices about what you consume, with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy and healthy fats. Indulge in moderation.

– Add a multivitamin to your regimen: Connect with your healthcare provider about any nutrition issues or deficiencies you have to see if multivitamins or supplements may be necessary.

– Be active: Incorporate physical activity into your weekly routine. At The Clare, you can participate in various classes, including tai chi, yoga, aquatics and more, or work out in our fitness center.

– Make a doctor appointment: Schedule an annual wellness visit with your primary healthcare provider to discuss medications, immunizations and necessary screenings, among other topics.

– Protect yourself against falls: Since one in every three older adults falls each year, it’s important to take precautions. Exercise plays a big role, as does the layout of your home. Get rid of items that may be easy to trip over, and have grab bars installed in your shower.

– Use your brain: From socializing to educational activities, fueling your brain means it will function better for you. At The Clare, there are countless ways to keep your brain active.

– Cross an item off your bucket list: There’s no time like the present to check off an item on your bucket list. Whether it’s traveling or signing up for an art class, make 2018 the year you do it.

The Process

Often, we make New Year’s resolutions that look great on paper, but can be difficult to achieve. That’s because we tend to aim big, making the goals unattainable. Consider these examples so that you can downsize your resolutions and make them more realistic.

– Rather than telling yourself to go to the gym five times a week, lower your expectations. Go for a walk every other day, and add extra activities as you progress.

– Instead of tackling organizational projects all at once, take on one small space at a time. Begin with the cluttered junk drawer before approaching the overstuffed hall closet, for instance.

– Connecting with others and getting more engaged is a tremendous objective, but overbooking yourself and joining tons of new clubs and activities will have you overwhelmed. Take a different approach by reaching out to one person every day for a conversation. As the year goes on, you may find that you seek out additional social opportunities, as they feel comfortable to you.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, follow these examples and the idea of starting small, and success will surely be yours in the year ahead.