Life at The Clare

Reinventing Retirement

Residents of The Clare are reinventing retirement. We invite you to join them. With Gold Coast dining, shopping, parks, entertainment and cultural attractions close by, your new lifestyle can be as full and varied as you want it to be.

You get all of the excitement of the neighborhood, and all the energy and comfort of The Clare itself. We combine beautiful design, construction, furnishing, lighting, and color for a luxurious experience.

“We have found so much in common with the people that live here.”

Activities and amenities

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, you and your neighbors will also be stimulated by a host of activities and amenities. Enjoy the fitness and aquatic centers, the art and computer rooms, the library and business centers, and a monthly calendar filled with engaging events.


Every excursion to The Clare’s varied mealtime venues is a culinary experience in itself. Even when you prefer to dine in the privacy of your apartment home, you’ll still get a full dining experience with expansive living space and stunning views.