Independent Living

Keeping Things New and Interesting

Beyond The Clare’s inspired architecture and elegant décor awaits a host of events, activities and amenities that make independent living more than just a phrase.

There is so much here for you to delight in—from fitness and aquatic centers, art and computer rooms, library and business centers, to a calendar overflowing with entertainment events, educational programs and community outings. Dining at The Clare is an event unto itself, and a hub of social interaction. You’ll find your fellow diners are distinguished by their diverse and colorful histories, significant accomplishments and an enthusiasm for keeping life interesting. The Clare is alive with clubs, activities and special events that provide many other opportunities to engage with your fellow residents. And when you prefer the privacy of your apartment home, it is there in all its luxury—with expansive living spaces and open sight lines, allowing for stunning vistas of the lake or the city skyline.