The Benefits of Aging

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Negative stereotypes around aging run rampant in our society. This may cause many of us to fear getting older, yet there are so many tremendous benefits of aging that we tend to ignore.

Take grandchildren as a prime example. You’ll experience the joy of having young children around, without the stress and pressure that often goes hand-in-hand with parenting. And the love you give to and receive from your grandchildren is mutually advantageous.

That’s only one of many benefits of aging. Read on to discover several others, courtesy of A Place for Mom.

Happiness Overload

Studies suggest that seniors are actually among the happiest groups of people, especially as compared to their middle-aged counterparts. This may stem from better coping techniques, or simply from the fact that older people are more comfortable in their own skin. In any case, increased happiness and peace is certainly something to look forward to as we get older.

Extra Free Time

Not only will you have more time to spend with loved ones when you retire, but you’ll also have a greater opportunity to pursue different adventures. Clare resident Jim Stack is proof that it’s never too late try something new. He retired and took up drawing, and anyone can do the same, regardless of how old you are or what experiences you’ve had in your life.

Infinite Wisdom

With age comes a plethora of life experiences. Seniors have demonstrated superior empathetic and social abilities, according to one study, and greater control over their emotions, according to another. Those in their 60s and beyond have a broader scope of points of view, resolutions and compromises than younger people.

Financial Gains

There are certain financial gains that go along with aging. With programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in place, seniors are guaranteed health insurance and a minimum income. Of course, senior discounts are also a terrific perk of getting older. They help seniors enjoy life and stay engaged and active, but also save money when incomes are fixed and limited.

There’s no limit to the benefits of aging. It’s up to you to find them and take advantage of them.