Life at The Clare

How Much Will Health Care Cost in Retirement?

How much will health care cost in retirement? Planning for health care costs in retirement is a bit different than planning for retirement in general. That’s because it’s difficult to predict exactly what long-term health care costs may entail. Rather than overwhelming yourself with health care costs over a lifetime, consider these tips from Vanguard, … Continue reading “How Much Will Health Care Cost in Retirement?”

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Memory Mondays: The Link Between Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease

Is there a link between cholesterol and Alzheimer’s disease? A new study out of the United Kingdom concludes that cholesterol may in fact influence the development of Alzheimer’s. Cholesterol, a substance that can build up on artery walls, potentially causes health problems ranging from heart disease to stroke. Now, University of Cambridge researchers suggest low-density … Continue reading “Memory Mondays: The Link Between Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease”

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The Clare Residents Compete in Chicago Dragon Boat Race

Surrounded by elite groups, fire departments and corporate crews, onlookers might not have suspected that residents of The Clare, a luxury senior living community in Chicago’s Gold Coast, were about to race along the south branch of the Chicago River. And yet, The Clare was one of 32 teams competing in the 18th Annual Chicago Dragon … Continue reading “The Clare Residents Compete in Chicago Dragon Boat Race”

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Memory Mondays: Social Interaction and Memory

Social interaction yields many health benefits both physically and mentally, especially as we get older. Notably, group social interaction and memory strongly correlate in terms of protecting the brain, a new study has revealed. To date, research has shown that staying in close touch with friends leads to better preservation of cognition. However, researchers from Ohio … Continue reading “Memory Mondays: Social Interaction and Memory”

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Artist Profile, Marcia Fensin: Your Art Should Reflect You

As a child, Clare resident Marcia Fensin often went to the forest preserve with her uncle, equipped with brushes and watercolors. The pair would sit in nature for hours on end, experimenting with the paints and interpretations of the scenery. From there, Marcia’s love for art only grew. “I’ve become very proud of the art … Continue reading “Artist Profile, Marcia Fensin: Your Art Should Reflect You”

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Memory Mondays: Coffee and Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Over the years, many studies have portrayed various health benefits of drinking coffee. Some even connect improved brain function with coffee. However, new research links coffee and Alzheimer’s in a negative way. The study suggests that long-term caffeine consumption may result in worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms. Researchers at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain observed mice … Continue reading “Memory Mondays: Coffee and Alzheimer’s Symptoms”

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An Innovative Senior Living Community for Retired Musicians

senior couple outside chicago theater

Where do retired musicians go after playing their last notes on stage and moving on from their professional careers? For about 60 older musicians, the place to be is Milan’s Rest Home for Musicians, called Casa Verdi. A neo-Gothic mansion completed in central Milan by Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1899, the innovative senior … Continue reading “An Innovative Senior Living Community for Retired Musicians”

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Memory Mondays: Millennial Caregivers and Dementia

Millennial caregivers have become increasingly common, given the rapidly aging society and a greater need for care. What may come as a surprise, however, is the number of millennial caregivers assisting loved ones with dementia. That’s because one out of every six millennial caregivers is providing aide for someone with dementia, according to a new … Continue reading “Memory Mondays: Millennial Caregivers and Dementia”

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Does Cancer Accelerate Aging?

Does cancer accelerate aging? Recent research shows that cancer survivors tire more easily than people with no cancer history, even years after treatment. Despite the idea that you’re only as old as you feel, such instances suggest a pattern of “accelerated aging” among those who have a history of cancer. “The main goal of cancer … Continue reading “Does Cancer Accelerate Aging?”

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