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Just as The Clare is redefining retirement living, The Terraces is redefining how healthcare is experienced, delivered and organized. More than other care providers, we customize your experience to precisely fit you: Your needs, your preferences and your temperament. This type of care brings you a more satisfying experience. A more contented stay. And most importantly, a more positive outcome.

“The staff is amazing. The care they’ve given my husband has exceeded my expectations. They’re always figuring out ways to do things to help him — stuff I simply couldn’t do for him.” – Chris Lyon, resident at The Clare

Housed in the same magnificent building as The Clare itself, The Terraces feels more like a hotel than a hospital. But make no mistake, the medical care we provide is as unmatched as our luxury.

The Geriatric Emergency Department Innovations (GEDI) program at Northwestern Memorial.

One of the many benefits of living at The Clare is its proximity to several premier medical centers. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is located less than one-half mile from The Clare and is ranked #1 in Illinois, #1 in Chicago and #10 nationally by U.S. News & World Report.

Northwestern’s highly-rated programs and practices include the innovative GEDI program.

Geriatric Emergency Department Innovations (GEDI) is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to Emergency Department care for geriatric patients with a primary goal of reducing unnecessary hospital admissions for those older than 65. The program centers on geriatric nurse liaisons (GNLs) who have special training in geriatrics and whose time is dedicated to GEDI. GNLs assess older patients in the emergency room to determine if they are good candidates for the GEDI program. Those who qualify for the program are often transitioned to a quieter, more comfortable area and receive a one-on-one medical assessment and care from the GEDI nurse. Since the program was first implemented, there has been a decrease in geriatric admissions to the hospital by 33 percent.

After being discharged, the GNLs place follow-up calls to the patients and assign a social worker to provide follow up counseling if necessary.

Cooperation and coordination between Northwestern Memorial Hospital and The Clare is noteworthy. Dr. Lee Lindquist, who has been Medical Director at The Terraces at The Clare for over a decade, is Chief of the Division of Geriatrics at Northwestern Medicine. This alignment affords The Terraces’ staff access to the medical center’s lab services and medical records, which deliver real-time information sharing with Northwestern physicians.

Should you ever need emergency care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, be sure to ask for a GEDI nurse.

The Terraces has earned multiple 5-star Medicare ratings and we are staffed to deliver significantly more one-on-one care than other providers. The Terraces also boasts a powerful alignment with Northwestern. Our medical director is from Northwestern. Beyond that, we have access to their labs and electronic record systems, which deliver real-time information sharing with the doctors there.

“I don’t have to worry about my future health care needs. It’s in the middle of everything. And I can live an active life.” – Jim Stack, resident at The Clare

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