How Do Solo Aging Older Adults Benefit From Senior Living?

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Solo aging might be a term that’s new to you. It’s gained popularity in recent years due to the number of seniors who are doing exactly what is described. They’re aging by themselves. Perhaps they are widows or widowers, are divorced, or never married, but are living a full and active life they want to continue as they age. And now, retirement is here, and the need for community and engagement means more than ever.

That’s where senior living comes in. When you’re a resident of a senior living community like The Clare, your support system is right within your building. “At The Clare, our residents are close friends and are active in the community,” shares Lynne Lukas, Director of Sales & Marketing, “And, of course, our residents take great comfort in knowing that they’ll always be cared for no matter what the future holds.”

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of senior living for older adults who are solo agers and the important retirement planning steps they can benefit from.

Tips from The Clare for Solo Agers’ Future Plans

When thinking about retirement and your senior years, solo agers should be sure to think about these key areas to ensure their lives are exactly what they desire. The Clare can be your solo aging expert – after all, we’re helping solo agers live their best lives every day! Keep reading to learn our best tips.

  • Management of finances: Solo agers need to be particularly diligent in their financial decisions, as they may not have children to rely on for assistance. They may need to explore options like long-term care insurance, retirement savings, and estate planning to ensure their financial security in later years.
  • Legal and healthcare decisions: Having advance directives, such as a living will, power of attorney, and a healthcare proxy, becomes crucial for solo agers. These legal documents help ensure their wishes for medical care and financial matters are respected.
  • Housing choices: Solo agers may need to consider different housing options, such as aging in place with home modifications or moving to a senior living community. People who live in senior living communities tend to have the same feedback: “I wish I had made the move sooner!”
  • Caregiving arrangements: Care planning for solo agers is likely the most important item to have in place. You’ll want to ensure there is a plan in place for any changing health needs that may arise. A Life Plan Community like The Clare’s is a perfect solution for future care. You’ll learn more about this in the next section.
  • Creating a support network: While they may not have immediate family, solo agers can create their own support network of close friends and trusted individuals who can provide assistance and emotional support as they age. This also helps prevent social isolation. Senior living is the perfect solution to having a built-in support network.

It’s essential for solo agers to plan ahead and build a strong network of support, including friends, a senior living community, and professional resources, to ensure a fulfilling and secure aging experience. Solo aging is becoming increasingly common, and The Clare is here to help older adults lead fulfilling and secure lives in their later years.
Senior women laughing outdoors at The Clare

The Benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community for Solo Agers

Solo agers might face unique challenges and considerations as they age, but we believe they also have great opportunities to lead active and purposeful senior years. A Continuing Care Retirement Community, also known as a Life Plan Community, could be a great choice for these seniors. Here are some key benefits of choosing to reside in a senior living community:

Built-In Friendships

By residing in a senior living community, you’ll have neighbors and friends right down the hall from you. With common areas for dining and plenty of chances to socialize, this might be the closest experience to your college days of embracing a new community that can end up feeling like family members.

Social Events & Activities

As a senior living resident, you’ll find endless social and learning opportunities for every interest. At The Clare, we offer experiences with music, art, theater, fine dining, fitness, and so much more. These experiences will help build friendships with other residents and keep your mind and body active.

Access to Higher Levels of Care

Most of us will require additional care or support as we age. Sometimes adult children provide this support for their parents. But if children or close relatives are not nearby, or simply not in the picture, seniors need a plan for future care.

At The Clare, as a Life Plan Community, you’ll always have access to high-quality care right in the building, including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. Residents can rest comfortably knowing they have this security.

A Rightsized Home

For a single senior who is active in the community, a one-bedroom apartment might be a great option for your residence. This creates an environment where you have all you need and nothing you don’t, and you can enjoy a simplified lifestyle where you spend your time on things you truly love.

Build Your Community at The Clare

At The Clare, you’ll always have a support system you can count on. From our staff to our residents, there’s no shortage of friendly faces. If you’re single and thinking about your retirement, come for a visit of our community and our beautiful one-bedroom residences, and learn how vibrant senior living on Chicago’s Gold Coast can be.