Introducing The Clare Athletic Club

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A fitness club is only as good as its location…if it’s inconvenient, people won’t go and thus it won’t be effective. Therefore the residents of The Clare are especially fortunate, having a first-class fitness center that couldn’t be any more convenient. Located on the 9th floor of the Gold Coast Life Care high-rise retirement community is its remodeled and newly equipped The Clare Athletic Club. Only an elevator ride away for each resident, The Clare Athletic Club provides the latest in senior-friendly equipment, professional instruction, personal training and round-the-clock hours. “Our goal is to provide a great fitness club for all of our residents within our own community so that they won’t have to go elsewhere,” said Melissa Cusick, manager of The Clare Athletic Club. “Fitness is an essential part of staying independent and vibrant as the residents’ age. It has a direct effect on their quality of life.”

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