Residents Continue Working After Move to The Clare

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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to retirement, especially at The Clare. With various high-end dining venues, enriching programs and a dynamic downtown location, The Clare provides residents with the opportunity to create a lifestyle that suits their preferences.

Retirement doesn’t necessarily mean ceasing to work, either. Many people who move to The Clare benefit from the community’s amenities while furthering their careers.

Take resident Jim Spiegel, for instance. Jim works as a Technical Proposal Manager/Locomotive Systems Engineer for Progress Rail, a unit of Caterpillar. He has been with the company and their predecessor for over 43 years, helping railroad customers to determine the right products and services for their needs and to acquire new locomotives for their operations.

“I’m very fortunate to do the kind of work that I find to be very fulfilling and satisfying, and that my company manufactures a product that I’ve been interested in since I was a child,” he says.

With his job providing him with such a sense of purpose and allowing him to live out childhood dreams, Jim never considered giving it up when he moved to The Clare. Rather, he continued to work from his new apartment, and the community adds to his overall wellbeing.

“The Clare had everything to offer in terms of location, a wonderful leadership team and a policy of continuous improvement, which fit my goals perfectly,” he says. “Even though I’m still working, it was the best possible opportunity for me to move here.”

Resident Christine Foh had a similar experience when she came to The Clare in September 2020. A unit became available that checked all of the boxes for her – two bedrooms, kitchen windows, a balcony on a low residential floor – and she simply couldn’t pass it up. So, she and her two cats moved in, and she continued to work as general counsel for the Alzheimer’s Association from her new home.

“It was no different than working from your home anywhere else, and the advantage was having access to the wonderful services, fitness center and gourmet meals available at The Clare,” Christine says.

Christine officially retired from her job in December 2021, after a little over a year of working remotely while living at The Clare. Even so, she remains busy. She has taken on more responsibilities in her volunteer work at Holy Name Cathedral and enrolled in The Clare’s mentorship program with students at Loyola University of Chicago. She plays bridge every week with her fellow residents and makes the most of The Clare’s convenient location near the Lookingglass Theatre.

“It’s really important to not just plop yourself down in front of the TV when you retire,” she says. “I wanted to have a plan, I wanted keep my mind active and I wanted to have a community of people to do things with.”

Jim and Christine are only two examples of residents who kept working following a move to The Clare. There are a number of others who maintain professional endeavors, whether that be teaching at universities across the country, authoring books and plays or pursuing hobbies and developing new skills.

Each resident’s situation is unique, yet all have one thing in common – the accommodating environment of The Clare while they live out their ideal retirement.