Working While Retired: How Retirement Can Lead to New Beginnings

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Working while retired isn’t necessarily the retirement that we all dream of. The common belief – and what we look forward to – is the idea that retirement means no more work, no more long hours and much more free time.

But working while retired doesn’t have to take away from this special time in your life. In fact, keeping busy and productive proves even more beneficial as we get older, and a new study states that 83% of retirees view retirement as a time for new beginnings.

Some innovative examples of working while retired include:

– Serving as a mentor for younger generations through apps like Mavenli

– Writing librettos for opera shows like this Clare resident

– Purchasing a franchise and running it or opening a new business

– Launching an app to address an unmet need in society

– Signing up with sites like Boatsetter to rent out your boat, to offer pet care services or Uber or Lyft to drive for rideshares

There are many reasons more seniors are working after retirement, too, besides staying busy. Increasing evidence proves that work helps to boost your cognitive health. Working while retired also cushions your retirement fund, so that you can do fun things like travel.

That might be why about a third of Americans nearing retirement indicate that they’ll continue to work full- or part-time, according to a 2017 Employee Benefit Research Institute survey. Some even say they’ll never retire.

Of course, our health may not allow us to keep working while retired. However, if this is the route you plan to go, maintain your job skills, network and do your best to stay healthy.