Maximize Your Space: Stylish Storage Tips for Senior Living

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Downsizing doesn’t have to mean giving up your sense of style. In fact, your new home in a senior living community can be just as chic and inviting as your previous one!

The trick is finding clever ways to maximize your space and showcase your personality. With these practical solutions that blend style and storage, you can create a comfortable home that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

Invest in Furniture That Works Double Duty

Style and practicality go hand in hand. Explore these furniture pieces that offer  beautiful designs and clever storage solutions to enhance your smaller space in senior living:

Benches With Storage

Enhance your entryway with a bench featuring a cushioned seat and a discreet lift-up lid, providing an easy way to store shoes or accessories.

At the foot of your bed, a storage bench creates a refined perch while offering hidden storage for extra linens, blankets or keepsakes. The Clare’s generous floor plans make it easy to incorporate beautiful furniture pieces like these without feeling cramped.

Ottomans With Storage Compartments

Ottomans offer a luxurious touch to your living room. Select one with a generously sized storage compartment tucked beneath a plush lid.

These elegant pieces create a place to tuck away blankets, magazines or other living room essentials while maintaining a sense of uncluttered style.

Coffee Tables With Drawers or Shelves

Elevate your coffee table by opting for a style with subtle drawers or open shelving beneath. Drawers add a sleek way to store remotes, writing supplies or other small items you wish to keep close at hand but out of sight.

Shelves offer space for art books, decorative boxes or beautifully arranged keepsakes, transforming your coffee table into a curated display.

Style Tip: Play with texture! Storage furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Choose a bench upholstered in rich velvet, an ottoman with a playful woven texture, or a coffee table crafted from natural wood to add visual interest and a touch of your personality.

Look for Solutions That Maximize Storage and Style

Clever storage solutions offer a graceful way to maximize your new space without compromising  style. Explore these ways to create a beautifully curated space that feels both organized and reflects your unique personality:

Under-Bed Bins

The area under your bed offers discreet storage possibilities. Opt for under-the-bed bins with wheels for smooth access, and consider those with linen or fabric-covered lids for a touch of softness. These are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, cherished keepsakes or even spare linens.

Over-the-Door Organizers

Transform the backs of doors into tasteful storage areas. Over-the-door organizers can become elegant additions with just a bit of careful selection.

Look for designs made from natural wood, woven textures or even metallic finishes. Use them to hold scarves, jewelry or other accessories in a way that enhances your decor.

Shelf Risers

Create an airy, organized feel in your closets with shelf risers, a sense of spaciousness that’s further enhanced by The Clare’s well-appointed floor plans.

Choose risers in a material that complements your existing shelves, like wood or clear acrylic. The added vertical space gives you the freedom to arrange folded garments neatly or showcase decorative storage boxes.

Hanging Organizers

Add a luxurious touch to your closet with fabric-covered hanging organizers. These elegant additions come in various designs with multiple compartments, perfect for organizing your wardrobe and handbags, or even creating a dedicated accessories wall that doubles as a beautiful display.

Storage Tip: Think of storage as an opportunity to showcase your treasures. Store lesser-used but visually appealing items in clear cases or place them thoughtfully on open shelves for a curated look.

Add Personal Style With Decorative and Functional Decor

Storage isn’t just about hiding clutter; it’s an opportunity to elevate your decor! Try these ways to transform everyday storage into visually appealing elements that enhance the beauty of your home:

Baskets and Bins

Introduce baskets and bins in woven textures, rich fabrics or even natural materials like wood or seagrass.

These add visual interest and warmth to your space while offering excellent storage on shelves, under tables, or tucked into open closets. Fill them with magazines, guest towels or craft supplies for tidy organization.

Corner Shelves

Don’t overlook those corners! Corner shelves offer an elegant way to use often-neglected space in your living room or bedroom. Adorn them with treasured objects, small plants or a collection of framed photos for a personalized and organized display.

Decorative Trays

Place beautiful trays on your dresser, ottoman or vanity to corral and organize jewelry, makeup, perfume bottles or other personal mementos. Choose trays crafted from natural materials like wood, marble, or even woven fibers for an added touch of luxury.

Glass Jars or Canisters

Transform your open kitchen shelving into a delightful display with glass jars or canisters. Store dry goods like pasta, rice or even colorful candies for a visually appealing and practical solution that doubles as charming kitchen decor.

Style Tip: Match your decorative storage items to your existing color scheme for a cohesive look, or introduce a pop of color and pattern for a playful touch.

Explore the Versatility of Modular Storage

Modular storage systems provide unmatched flexibility, allowing your home to effortlessly adapt to your changing needs. Here are a few reasons why they’re ideal for senior living:

Style and Functionality

Modular cube and hexagon storage systems offer endless possibilities for creative arrangements. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to create a playful, geometric focal point in your room.

These shapes can be stacked horizontally for a low-profile look, vertically for a taller bookcase effect, or even mixed and matched to form a unique, personalized piece.

Customizable Configurations

Many modular systems allow you to start small and add on as your storage needs grow. This is especially helpful for those downsizing, as you can slowly expand your storage while settling into your new space.


As your needs evolve, you can reconfigure modular storage systems to fit your changing lifestyle. Perhaps your craft supplies outgrow their original cubes? Simply add another section! Or rearrange them into a new shape to refresh your room’s look.

Style Tip: Choose modular systems in bright colors for a modern flair, or select those with wood grain finishes for a warmer, more traditional feel.

Your new space is waiting to be filled with warmth, personality, and a touch of your unique style. Enjoy the process of downsizing and rediscovering your favorite items. Remember, a smaller space simply means more room for enjoying the vibrant lifestyle of your senior living community!

Discover Where Style Meets Comfort

Retirement isn’t just about square footage. That’s why the floor plans at The Clare are designed with your well-being in mind, featuring open layouts, abundant natural light, and a variety of features for ultimate comfort and convenience.

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