Karen Ambrose

Karen Ambrose
The Terraces client

Karen Ambrose fell in her home recently, breaking her hip and fracturing her femur. Three weeks after arriving at The Terraces for rehabilitation, she was back on her feet, delighted with her care and ready to resume her life.

“I’m up and walking around,” she says, “and I thank The Terraces for that.”

Just as important as the high quality of the healthcare she received at The Terraces was the quality of the personal care she received.

“From the moment I arrived, I was heartily welcomed and made to feel as comfortable as possible,” she recalls.

“Everybody was very attentive, very confident in the way they provided care,” the 75-year-old recalls. “They say their main concern is the client (they never say patient). And it is.”

“Whatever you need to have, they’ll help you, no matter what.”

She describes The Terraces as a beautiful place with outstanding food. She particularly liked having a private room—especially as she struggled early on with getting in and out of her wheelchair, then learning new ways to dress and undress herself, among other tasks.

She received therapy three times a day during her time in the Medical Rehabilitation Center. “The therapists are very intent on getting you to your goal,” she says, “but also cognizant of any pain you’re feeling. They’re also very thorough in instructing you how to do the new things you have to do.”

But it was the personal attention that elevated her experience at The Terraces above other medical facilities. “Whatever you need to have, they’ll help you, no matter what,” she says. “I’ve had experiences at other places—and that level of care is not the norm.”

Karen, who doesn’t live at The Clare, was also impressed that the staff was so eager to address any challenges she had. “If you have a problem, you can feel good about speaking up. They take any kind of criticism very seriously.”

Overall, she says, “I was so impressed. It was wonderful.”