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Careers at The Clare

Discover why a career at The Clare is more than just a job. It is a chance to inspire, engage and grow.

“The residents are the best part of my job. They’re like family to me. The Clare cares. If you need something, The Clare will step up. Most employers don’t get involved.”
Cynthia Bennett
“When I started, everyone was willing to bring me in and help me along my way. Now they hold me to their same standard, and I see my progress as a result. Executive Chef Hagop Hagopian was willing to bring me on and teach me so that I could further my career. The Clare has been a great place to grow and advance.”
Daniel Reyes
“The Clare is such a family-oriented place. We take care of each other. At the end of the day, I always know I did a good job, because I made a difference in a resident’s life.”
Telly Magpayo
Resident Care Assistant
“The best part of working here is meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds. Everyone has a niche way of doing things, and I’ve learned a lot in my time here.”
Latisha Ward-Sykes