10 Top Luxury Retirement Communities

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This article was originally posted on ThinkAdvisor.

If clients have been riding the highs of the stock market and are still in good shape after its recent downward gyrations, and if they’re at all close to retirement age, they’re probably thinking about where they might like to retire to and what the bottom line will be.

And even if their retirement portfolios didn’t do all that well, if they have a bit of time before making final decisions on a retirement destination, they might be thinking about what sort of high-end options are available for those coming days when they’ll be able to indulge in all those delightful activities there never seems to be enough time for.

Anticipating that need, as well as the desire of many to be surrounded by like-minded people at a time when they’ll have plenty of time to socialize and engage in leisure activities, GoBankingRates.com put together a list of luxury retirement communities where retirees can indulge in everything from horseback riding to nature hikes, golf, club activities or going for a sail from a private marina — all while enjoying mountains, beaches, forests, fine dining and other amenities and living in homes that range from eco-friendly to luxurious (or both).

If retirement’s been on their minds lately and they’ve been bugging you about just how luxurious they dare to go in retirement, you might want to check out this sampling of 10 luxury retirement communities and deciding which activities (or absence thereof) might be most congenial to their personal visions of the golden years — and to their bank accounts.