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Making an Impact: The Best Volunteering Opportunities for Chicago Seniors

Senior woman volunteer mentoring a young girl

As we gracefully age, many seniors find fulfillment and purpose in giving back to their communities through volunteering. Chicago, with its rich variety of neighborhoods and diverse needs, offers numerous … Continue reading “Making an Impact: The Best Volunteering Opportunities for Chicago Seniors”

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What Seniors Love About Chicago’s Gold Coast

Chicago City Skyline - The Clare

Chicago’s Gold Coast is an iconic area that a select group of people, including residents of The Clare, get to call home. The Gold Coast is an attractive neighborhood for … Continue reading “What Seniors Love About Chicago’s Gold Coast”

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Things to do around town this summer in Chicago, IL

Enjoy summertime in Chicago at The Clare

The city of Chicago comes alive in the summer after Chicagoans wait all winter and most of the spring for warmer temperatures and sunnier days. By June, Chicago becomes a … Continue reading “Things to do around town this summer in Chicago, IL”

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Chicago’s Most Amazing Views

Chicago's Most Amazing Views at The Clare

Chicago’s Gold Coast is one of the most vibrant and engaging neighborhoods in the city. It is an ideal place to begin exploring some of Chicago’s most amazing views. Start … Continue reading “Chicago’s Most Amazing Views”

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6 Ways for Baby Boomers to Explore Gardens & Gardening in Chicago

entrance with gardens

Gardening, which is as much about tending the soul as the soil, is something people have come to enjoy at every age. Whether you are a new or a lifelong … Continue reading “6 Ways for Baby Boomers to Explore Gardens & Gardening in Chicago”

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Top 8 Reasons to Consider Independent Senior Living in Chicago

2 residents on the street in front of the clare

Are you considering independent senior living and looking for a fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle? If big-city amenities and culture are what you desire, consider Chicago. As the third-largest city in … Continue reading “Top 8 Reasons to Consider Independent Senior Living in Chicago”

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Mahjong in Chicago

Chicago Public Library Chinatown

Games are fun. They’re also great for your brain. But if you’ve tired of your usual options—or simply have an insatiable appetite for new competitive puzzles—Mahjong may be right for … Continue reading “Mahjong in Chicago”

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Retiring in Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful city to call home for people of all ages and lifestyles. If you’re considering retiring in Chicago, you are not alone – 14% of the Chicago … Continue reading “Retiring in Chicago”

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Chicago’s Most Underrated Museums

Find more fun things to do Illinois with our list of the 10 most underrated museums in Chicago. 1. Money Museum 230 South LaSalle Street Chicago, IL 60604 Visit … Continue reading “Chicago’s Most Underrated Museums”

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History of Lincoln Park: Chicago

lincoln park

Lincoln Park, the second-most-visited park in the United States with 20 million visitors a year, stretches across the lakefront of North Side Chicago for a sprawling seven miles. Starting from … Continue reading “History of Lincoln Park: Chicago”

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Polish History in Chicago

Polish Museum of America in Polish Downtown, Chicago

Travel around Chicago and you’ll quickly find numerous Polish groceries, restaurants, and festivals. While New York and London both have a larger number of Poles, Chicago’s population holds the highest … Continue reading “Polish History in Chicago”

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2017 Apple Picking Near Chicago

Jonamac Orchard in Illinois Apple Picking

As fall rolls around, families want to bake all their favorite apple recipes. Of course, these all taste better when made from fresh-picked apples from your local orchard. Most apple … Continue reading “2017 Apple Picking Near Chicago”

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Lake Michigan Resorts

Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan

Looking for the perfect vacation getaway on Lake Michigan? Within seven hours of Chicago you’ll find family-friendly beachfront rooms, romantic suites with fireplaces, and outdoor adventures—sometimes all at the same … Continue reading “Lake Michigan Resorts”

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Gardening in Chicago

Garden in Chicago grows vegetables

Planting your own garden is a wonderful way to learn about plants, try new vegetable varieties, help the environment, and provide your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Gardening in Chicago … Continue reading “Gardening in Chicago”

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Hobby Classes in Chicago

Pottery Class in Chicago

Why not add art or cooking classes to your bucket list? Hobby classes are wonderful in themselves but have several added benefits too! Much like crossword puzzles or sudoku, art … Continue reading “Hobby Classes in Chicago”

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Gold Coast Neighborhood Guide

3 Arts Club Cafe in Gold Coast Neighborhood Chicago

The Gold Coast Neighborhood, bounded by North Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Street, and Clark Street, is a district in the northern part of Chicago’s downtown. It was founded after … Continue reading “Gold Coast Neighborhood Guide”

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Day Trips From Chicago

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore beachfront

Chicago has plenty of activities every day of the year, but don’t let that keep you from exploring outside of the city! Get in the car or hop on the … Continue reading “Day Trips From Chicago”

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Top 10 Places for Bird Watching in Chicago

Humboldt Park’s historic fieldhouse/picture from City of Chicago

Top 10 Places for Bird Watching in Chicago With over 300 bird species sighted in the past 30 years, Chicago is one of the best cities to watch migratory birds … Continue reading “Top 10 Places for Bird Watching in Chicago”

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Colleges within 100 Miles of Chicago

Choosing a college isn’t easy. You’re investing thousands of dollars and trusting four influential years of life to another institution. So how do you start? If you live near Chicago, defining … Continue reading “Colleges within 100 Miles of Chicago”

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Chicago College Scholarships

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the annual cost of attending a four-year college in the United States has risen to more than $18,000 at public institutions and … Continue reading “Chicago College Scholarships”

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