6 Ways for Baby Boomers to Explore Gardens & Gardening in Chicago

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Gardening, which is as much about tending the soul as the soil, is something people have come to enjoy at every age. Whether you are a new or a lifelong gardening aficionado, you will be pleased to learn that your passion for gardens and gardening can continue to flourish in Chicago — come to be known as “City in a Garden.”

  1. Green Roof Gardens in Chicago

Chicago has long been a leader in green roofs — in fact, it once had the most out of any city in the U.S. According to the Department of Planning and Development, Chicago boasts over 500 vegetated roofs, at least 13 rooftop farms and over 5,500,000 square feet of green roof coverage.

Many green roofs thrive throughout the city and near The Clare, and you can see them all from the community’s 53rd floor. Located near The Clare, the 24.5 acre Millennium Park is considered one of the largest green roof projects in the world.

  1. Volunteering and Gardening

Whether you may enjoy talking with visitors about nature, planting wildflowers or helping fundraise for the park, the Lincoln Park Conservatory provides volunteer opportunities for every level of commitment. Or volunteer at one of the four parks sponsored by the Green City Market that features over 20 local, sustainable farmers and food producers.

  1. Lifelong Learning and Gardening

Many outings are planned at The Clare, and the Chicago Botanic Garden is a favorite destination. Few places offer more gardening guidance than the Chicago Botanic Garden. Discover classes and workshops in botanical arts, horticulture, gardening, cooking, nature and birding, photography, garden design and professional programs. And the Botanic Garden’s new Seed Library in the Lenhardt Library is a place where you may “borrow” seeds to plant, to grow and to share.

  1. Photography and Gardening

All photos tell a story. Whether you use your phone camera or you are a lifelong camera photographer, sharing your view of nature’s beauty through your lens can be inspiring and rewarding. The Art Gallery on the 19th floor of The Clare features photos of various gardens around the world taken by residents. Included are photos of the Chicago Botanic Garden which captures the unique elegance and allure of orchids and butterflies.

  1. DIYers and Container Gardening

Imagine active independent living at The Clare in an apartment home with a balcony option. The light is ideal for container gardening. The popularity of container gardening is growing. Chicago is in the USDA Zone 6a, which means that the growing season is generally from late April until early October. Flowers, herbs and even vegetables thrive in these miniature container gardens.

  1. The Clare and Gardening

The Garden Club is one of The Clare’s many resident-driven social clubs. The club hosts an Annual Garden Party on the terrace surrounding The Bistro on the 9th floor. Here, residents take in the beauty of the 9th floor gardens and Chicago skyline views. The garden’s many herb boxes on the terrace are tended by The Clare residents and plans are in the works for a hydroponic community garden.

Plant the seeds for your future.

Whether you are retired or still working, it is never too early to start thinking about independent senior living in Chicago at The Clare. The Clare is the top choice for active adults who love city life and who want to plan smartly for their future. Stop by for a visit. We are sure to grow on you.