Top 8 Advantages of 5-Star Fine Dining in Chicago at The Clare

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4 people drinking wine at a tableLiving at The Clare means everyday access to fine dining in Chicago. That’s because top-notch menus crafted by an esteemed culinary team are available within the community itself. Here are the top eight advantages of 5-star fine dining in Chicago at The Clare.

  1. The Clare Dining Venues

Fine dining in Chicago at The Clare provides the luxury of choice. There are four dining venues within the community, each with something unique to offer. Opt for traditional elegance at The Grafton, or casual and cozy at The Bistro. Special occasions call for meals in The Abbey on 53, where sweeping views of the skyline and Lake Michigan complement exquisite cuisine. Finally, residents can wind down with drinks and small bites in The Ambassador Lounge. No matter The Clare dining venue selected, guests are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. Award-Winning Chef and Exceptional Culinary Team

Executive Chef Hagop Hagopian boasts more than 20 years of culinary experience and many accomplishments, including winning the first-ever LCS Chef of the Year award in 2019 and various other American Culinary Federation competitions over the years. Hagop brings his talents to the kitchens at The Clare each day, and he is committed to educating, training and empowering the chefs he works alongside. He and his team take pride in the innovative dishes they create and serve to residents.

  1. Varied Menu Options

The Clare takes a holistic approach to menu offerings, focusing on choice. Each dining venue has its own menu, with options updated daily and seasonally. What’s more, the majority of menu items are made to order, so residents can ask for their food to be prepared according to their preferences and dietary needs.

  1. High-Quality Ingredients

When it comes to food, quality is key. For that reason, The Clare sources local beef, free-range poultry and sustainable seafood. The community also partners with the finest purveyors in Chicago for various other ingredients so that residents consume only the best of the best.

  1. Creative Dining Experiences

Often, dining in Chicago at The Clare is about more than food. It’s about an experience. That’s why Francesco Tardio, Director of Dining Services and his team constantly strive to develop unique events for the residents. Whether it’s a summer barbeque, a Spanish tapas night with flamenco dancing or a gourmet meal with expert wine pairings, fine dining in Chicago at The Clare is unparalleled.

  1. Resident Input

It’s rare that guests have direct influence over fine dining in Chicago, but at The Clare, that is the norm. Resident feedback is essential to the overall success of The Clare dining program. Sometimes, resident recipes are even incorporated into the menus!

  1. Top-Tier Service

Service is a major component of fine dining in Chicago that can set one experience apart from another. Residents expect nothing less than top-tier service when dining at The Clare, and the team delivers. What’s more, the servers at The Clare get to know the residents, and therefore can anticipate their wants and needs over time.

  1. Ultimate Convenience

At The Clare, residents don’t have to venture out of the building to enjoy fine dining in Chicago. While there is an abundance of Chicago’s best-known restaurants within walking distance of the community, all of the aforementioned advantages of The Clare dining are just an elevator ride away.