8 Best Magazines for Seniors

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Are magazines dead? Far from it. While the shift in publishing from print to digital has claimed some publications, others remain vibrant while also offering greater flexibility—most print subscriptions now include a parallel online version for reading on your tablet or other mobile device.

Magazines are great because they offer an opportunity for a quick yet in-depth read on a topic. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee on a crisp morning or for a thirty-minute read to help settle your mind before heading to bed. Whether you or a loved one enjoys staying on top of current events or prefers to browse lifestyle publications, there are magazines that cater to their interests.

Of course, while some magazines serve specific demographics, we know that older adults aren’t looking exclusively for content that centers on their age, and many magazines in our top nine appeal to a broad range of readers. Here’s our list of the nine best magazines for seniors:

Magazines that Keep Seniors Informed

aarp magazine cover robert redford1. AARP The Magazine

Frequency: 6 issues per year

Cost: $16 per year (includes membership in AARP)


AARP The Magazine is more than just a magazine for seniors. Its contents feature lifestyle topics for anyone over fifty, which means it includes information on everything from loving your job to taking that post-retirement, once-in-a-lifetime European vacation.

Its circulation extends to more than 40 million members of the American Association of Retired Persons. The magazine’s focus means that health and wellness columns, as well as movie reviews and other features, are tailored for older adults, providing focused, topical information that improves your life and entertains.


2. Reader’s Digest (large print edition)

Frequency: 10 issues per year

Cost: $18 per year


For most Americans, Reader’s Digest needs no explanation—the wildly popular publication has been on coffee tables of millions of Americans for nearly a century.

What you may not know is that Reader’s Digest offers a large-print version that makes it the perfect magazine for seniors. The large-print edition features a large-print version all of the magazine’s typical content, including the crossword puzzle, as well as images and illustrations, and even non-glare paper that makes it easier to read.


3. Prevention

Frequency: 12 issues per year

Cost: $38 per year


As you age, health issues sometimes come to the forefront. Likewise, it becomes increasingly important to know which foods can help you stay healthy, which exercises are great at any age, lesser-known side effects of common medications, and relevant questions to ask a physician on your next visit.

Prevention magazine offers all of this information in a highly readable, condensed format. From mental health tips to healthy meal ideas, Prevention takes a holistic approach to wellness that makes it an excellent choice for health-conscious adults.


Senior Magazines for Every Hobby

birds and bloom magazine cover with oriole4. Birds & Blooms

Frequency: 7 issues per year

Cost: $10 per year


Few things evoke thoughts of a relaxing retirement like Birds & Blooms. While the magazine targets birdwatchers and gardeners of every age, its dual focus makes it the perfect magazine for seniors who are casual gardeners that enjoy wildlife.

Rather than subscribing to two separate magazines, Birds & Blooms provides a convenient, seasonal resource to enjoy both hobbies, whether it means getting more from a daily nature walk or helping you decide what to plant next in your garden.


5. Cooks’ Country

Frequency: 6 issues per year

Cost: $19.95 per year


Many people are familiar with the PBS program America’s Test Kitchen, and some may be long-time subscribers to its core publication, Cook’s Illustrated. But did you know that the same editors recently launched Cook’s Country? This magazine uses the same rigorous testing methods to create always-perfect recipes but takes a unique, home-cooking approach.

The result is a reliable source of simple recipes that will indulge your inner chef with detailed explanations of what makes each recipe work. It’s the perfect way to put an elegant spin on classic recipes, without needing to purchase fancy kitchen equipment or scour specialty grocers for obscure items.


6. Golf Digest

Frequency: 12 issues per year

Cost: $39.99 per year


Do you prefer reading the latest golf news, exclusive interviews, or helpful tips to improve your swing? With Golf Digest, you get all three. This respected publication is the primary source for monthly ways to improve your score when out on the course and learn more about the personalities of the game’s leading players. Enjoy a deeper level of access to everything from equipment technology to the secrets of leading swing coaches.


Magazines for Seniors that Inspire

travel leisure magazine cover beach7. Travel+Leisure

Frequency: 12 issues per year

Cost: $10.99 per year


While a subscription to Travel+Leisure in your thirties or forties may be aspirational—a way to take a mental vacation with a house full of children and a busy career—it’s an entirely different magazine for retirees, one you can use to get inspired and plan your next great trip.

Whether you’re looking for hot spots at a known destination or want to find out more about a secret vacation spot few have yet discovered, Travel+Lesiure provides a monthly dose of the travel bug.


8. Discover

Frequency: 6 issues per year

Cost: $24.95 per year


New frontiers in science never cease to amaze. And for those that have memories of everything from early airline travel to grainy images of the moon landing, Discover magazine is a fascinating and accessible way to find out what’s next, whether it’s the discovery of an ancient ancestor, breakthrough in medicine, or challenges of a manned mission to Mars.

From monthly issues covering a variety of topics to special issues dedicated to Einstein and medical mysteries, Discover is the magazine for seniors that will spark new interests and inform choices for deeper, book-length reading on topics.


We know that this list just scratches the surface—there are dozens of magazines that inform, inspire, and bring joy to readers of any age. But finding the right magazines for seniors means thinking about publications that tailor their content to match the interests of older adults.

We’re confident you can find several magazines on this list to provide pure reading pleasure for you or a loved one in your life. The greater challenge may be deciding which one to subscribe to first!

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