Senior Living Options for Couples with Different Care Needs

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Finding suitable senior living options for couples when they have varying care needs can be difficult. One may be completely independent while the other has drastically different health demands, yet they don’t want to leave each other’s side.

How can you ensure that both you and your spouse meet your emotional, social and health needs? Consider the following tips to make the best decision possible for everyone involved.

Research communities in advance.

One of the most common reasons couples begin to explore senior living is that one or both experience health changes, according to a study by Candace Kemp, Ph.D., an associate professor in gerontology and sociology at Georgia State University. Rather than reacting to a situation that arises, it’s critical to be proactive in the search. This allows you to find a community that’s truly a good fit, instead of desperately making a decision.

Consider individual and shared needs.

No two relationships are the same, meaning shared needs are unique to each couple. Similarly, individual social, emotional and health needs within a couple are likely not identical. To this end, researching amenities and care offered by a senior living community can provide a sense of the quality of life in store for both people involved.

If one partner is healthier, will they feel comfortable leaving their spouse for the day with care staff? Will both have their social needs met? The Clare, for example, offers a variety of programming at all levels of care. This means couples can participate in activities together or on their own, on The Terraces or on The Clare’s independent living side. No matter what, couples shouldn’t have a problem falling into a routine that works specifically for them.

Prepare for future health changes.

The possibility of future health changes makes exploring senior living options for couples more challenging. When you start the planning process early, you may be able to move in before any major health concerns.

At life plan communities like The Clare, a continuum of care is in place. Independent living residents are ensured access to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing should they need to make the switch. This makes health transitions that much easier. And for couples, one spouse needing to live in assisted living and the other wanting to stay in independent living is hardly an issue, as they’re only an elevator ride away.

In any case, finding senior living options for couples isn’t impossible. All you have to do is research, consider differing needs and think ahead.