What Seniors Love About Chicago’s Gold Coast

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Chicago City Skyline - The Clare

Chicago’s Gold Coast is an iconic area that a select group of people, including residents of The Clare, get to call home. The Gold Coast is an attractive neighborhood for older adults for many reasons, offering a blend of amenities and features that cater to a more mature demographic. Below is a list of how the unique qualities and characteristics of the Gold Coast can be particularly appealing to older adults.

Luxurious and Accessible Housing

The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, including upscale condominiums and high-end apartments, as well as luxury senior living at The Clare. Older adults may appreciate the accessibility features in newer buildings and still get to enjoy the charm of well-maintained historic homes in the area.

Proximity to Healthcare Facilities

The Gold Coast is close to some of Chicago’s premier healthcare institutions, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This proximity ensures access to top-notch medical care for seniors.

Cultural Activities

The neighborhood’s cultural attractions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Newberry Library, provide opportunities for intellectual stimulation and cultural engagement.

Many older adults, particularly those who are residents of The Clare, appreciate having cultural amenities within easy reach, and they are also wonderful places for seniors to volunteer.

Parks and Recreation

Washington Square Park and Lake Shore Park offer green spaces for leisurely walks, picnics, and relaxation. The accessibility of these parks are great benefits for older adults looking for outdoor activities and a place to enjoy nature.

Residents of The Clare are active older adults who love getting out to area parks, and walking trails and participating in a variety of ways to keep their bodies moving.

Dining and Entertainment

The diverse culinary scene in the Gold Coast caters to various tastes, and seniors can enjoy fine dining experiences and cultural events without having to travel far. Many restaurants offer comfortable settings for socializing with friends or family.

But don’t forget, when you’re a resident of The Clare, you’ll enjoy wonderful dining experiences each day at the community as well. A great meal is never far away!

Shopping Convenience

For the senior who loves to shop at charming stores and boutiques, Oak Street is the place to be! The Gold Coast area also boasts grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail chains. This convenience can be especially appreciated by older adults who prefer nearby options for their shopping needs.

Health and Fitness Facilities

The neighborhood offers a range of health and fitness amenities, including gyms and wellness centers. Staying active and maintaining health is important for older adults, and having such facilities nearby can support a healthy lifestyle.

And remember, at The Clare, our 9th-floor Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art equipment for individual use or personal training sessions, as well as group fitness classes. This includes an indoor pool, spa, salon, and massage room for all-around wellness.

Community Engagement

The Gold Coast often hosts community events, and its sense of community can be appealing to older adults looking to connect with neighbors. With social clubs, events, and organizations that cater to the interests and needs of residents right in the area, there are endless opportunities to get involved. That includes programming at The Clare!

While the Gold Coast may have a reputation for luxury, its amenities, cultural offerings, and accessibility make it a compelling choice for older adults who value a high-quality living environment with easy access to cultural, recreational, and healthcare resources. Additionally, the neighborhood’s walkability and well-maintained streets contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for seniors. It’s an easy decision for a fulfilling Chicago retirement location.

Experience Gold Coast Senior Living at The Clare

At The Clare, you’ll experience the most immersive and inviting Chicago retirement. With a walkability score of 100, there’s no better place for an active and engaged older adult to call home. Come for a visit and explore our one-bedroom residences, the perfect space for a senior Chicagoan. Call us today at 312-784-8015 to learn more.